The part of hard things in a company is change. Change is always bound to happen, over time, as time control lots of things. Time imposes relativity with prompts for comparison which leads to the general term of “change” – as there is always a comparison between time.

2 and a half years of venturing out into the so called business world, one thing which I have learnt – is to be ok to attach an emotion to an event but not to allow the emotion to lead the way. Change has been inevitable only if we want to stay relevant, and not because it’s a must sometimes. I have learnt how to dealt with it, though the emotional part of things make me human, but sometimes change would have to exist for the better of the most.

Change has always been and will be a choice, whether the intention to stay relevant exist.

Then there are those who would embrace change together, cause maybe they allow themselves to see the potential of growing, which can only exist with change.

Then there are those who feel indifferent, which whatever is typed here has no meaning anyway.

Then there are those who are against change, maybe because of a strong emotion which has been attached to it which enables them to feel secure, feel alive. Or maybe it’s because the in existent of intention to stay relevant.

Different things are required at different stages of things to work. Just like how your car service milestone changes according to the milestone driven and the intensity of usage. At the end of the day, is knowing what could seem to work for the  greater, cause we will never know if it works for all (which only exist in our wanting to be right perception).

So what’s your experience in change? Whether in business, personal growth or in relationship. The 3 common classification of events happening in our lives.