I have 4 more years to go till I hit 30 years old and I have a number of things that I have yet to achieve. My recent reflections helped me to decide to take a risk and do things differently if I want to achieve different results in my life, hence the search of a Personal Assistant for the next 4 years of my life.

It will be a learning curve for me to adapt to this and I’m sure it would be for the chosen candidate as well. If you are a risk taker as much as I am and willing to plant the seed and be committed, I’m more than happy to shortlist you. It is alright if you have a full time job already or even a stay at home mom. The application form is below.

Qualities I’m looking for

– Organised (I’m really poor at this)
– Able to take control of situation
– Have some creative flair in design, writing and colours.
–¬†Able to adapt to various situations
– Meticulous and careful
– Resilient and versatile
– Natural on phone calls
– Self Conscious
– Able to challenge how I think at times
– Tech Savy. Literate with smart phones and have an interest in new upcoming apps
– Early bird (6/6.30am)
– Have done charitable activities
– Microsoft office and Google Docs are a must
– Photoshop, HTML and CSS is a big plus
– WordPress literate will be a big plus
– Ultimate frisbee player will be a super duper plus
– Age is not a problem, preferably women only


As for the roles and responsibilities, we shall speak during the interview. But generally it involves my current business and also startups which I’m working on and ideas which I have put on hold but would want to get back on it. Chances are you will be virtual and not the usual come in office kind of thing. If your application doesn’t work out, at least you took a risk!

Let the search begin!