The irony of life becomes more evident when you transition out from schooling days to college to working life to marriage and then to old age.

8 hours of sleep, who will ever forget this irony advice since you are small. Every child should get 8 hours of sleep a day. Was that used for real health reasons or just to keep the child quiet so adults won’t be bothered by kids? It’s an irony cause if you fast forward it to adult life, successful people will say “men who have dreams will not be able to sleep, while men who do not will not wake up”. If only parents gave that motivation to their kids, imagine what would happen?

Problems? Big problems? Small problems? Ain’t everything we do will always have problems? Whether it is stupid crazy jam in KL or financial problem, they are bound to happen. But funny how isn’t it parents usually say to their kids, “what for are you doing this (eg organising activities)? Wasting time, money and effort.” Such irony to suppress a child’s dream and goals. That is why probably only 1% of population are at the top, cause they never lose sight of their dreams.

If you have small dreams, your problems will bound to be big. If you have big dreams, your problems will become small cause you feel you can overcome all of them easily. It’s a fact, it’s all in the head. So why the discouragement from the parents? Definitely an irony.

What is being taught after college is 175 degree different from the real world working life. What’s more, the school system really needs a revamp. Industrial revolution syllabus does not work anymore peeps! Get up and change or get left behind.

If you have any irony advice by parents which contradicts with the real adulthood world, do share them below 🙂