It has been an interesting week indeed. Another colleague finished his contract and went back to Singapore. UltiAsia was launched. Workload caught up. Good trip to Botanical garden today. Three quarters into my 7th book of the year. Busy, busy indeed.

Busy is neither good nor bad, depending on how the busy is carried out. Key is whether it is a RGA – Revenue Generating Activity.

Now, RGA can take in the form of many types – making money, adding knowledge (for long-term growth) and networking. So it’s really essential for us to always decide what are the RGA in our daily life. Playing computer games is not necessary a RGA, again depending on how you perceive it. If you have dreams to make it big on the international arena, then go for it, but make sure you really go for it.

Playing Magic the Gathering professionally is a RGA. Winners of a pro tour can rack up almost $25,000. Now that’s something. 🙂

So what’s your RGA folks? List them down everyday and focus on the end road.